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OOO that sMeLl. . .

Woo Talk about a work out :P Just got back from my first day of Softball ((: i love it hehe.. i really hope i make it. Mary says pretty much everyone makes it so im good (: I dont think i have ever sweated that much in my life..eww gross i feel like a man ha. This year is gonna be so great tho, me mary and jess oh boy watch out. I mean just at practice we go crazy haha. I have a feeling after 80 situps, sprints, 51561651 laps im gonnna be sore tomorrow haha.

Oh listen to this crap, My dad is threatning to take my cell phone away. Becuz of softball im not gonna have time to babysit for him..which means no money which means cant pay my cell phone bill..So yea pretty soon that will be gone ):

Tomorrow we have softball but wednesday we dont. Thank the lord. i dont know if i could handle three days of soreness. I think chelsea is gonna start a healthy/diet type thing. Im not sure how long this will last. But i mean a smart thing would be to eat healthy since ill be working out everyday. The last thing i need is a few more pounds.

Well chelsea definatly smells bad and has 651515105165465 subjects of homework and is hungry. Laterdays ((:
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