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In the morning we were still going StRoNg

Yesterday was quite fun (:

Me and Mary went to the mall for some shopping (: It was really weird becuz right as we walked in i said watch Tom will be here.. So we start going up the escalator and withing 2 seconds of me saying that..Guess who is coming down the escalator haha..Tom (: So we walked with him for like a whole 5 mins and then we kinda left him..We went to Aero and Exchanged my stuff that i got for x mas that i didnt like and then headed down to Applebees for some dinner (: i got a salad and this really good drink haha and Mary got the usual Chicken fingers and Fries and a Oreo milkshake...After dinner we went to Hollister and i got a Pair of jeans and so did Mary..Then we went to Charlotte Russe and i got Two new Belts which i must add are really cute ahha..Mary got a pair of jeans from there and a thumb ring. Then we went to Aero again and i got really cute underware and mary got two pairs of sweat pants. Mary got a few other things and then we left. We went to Winnies (or Minnies as Josh says) and we watched Use your Illusions I and then we went home. Oh man the funniest thing happened. Were sitting there looking for ringstones for marys new phone. We found like 200 reallly good ones that mary wanted. So after sitting there for 10 hours listening to all the ring tones mary goes to buy one. Well they dont have her phone. Omg you should have seen the look on her face. I went to bed not to much longer after that. im not sure if she ever did find one haha. Anyhow i got up today at 7:15 cuz i have to babysit. I went back there and slept to pass the time. And now im home doing nothing. So yea im gonna go watch some t.v or sumthing. Good night <3
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